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Stunning Seattle will organize and and produce 4 large scale murals in the Capitol Hill, and surrounding East District neighborhood as a public community-level intervention using mural art as a vehicle to address our collective need for inspiration.

Our call to artists is open to all persons or groups internationally.

Submissions are due May 15, 2013. Artists chosen will be announced June 1, 2013.

All applicants must read this (link will open in new window): Mural Maintenance, Style Guide, and VARA Rights.


Stunning Seattle overall goal

Our overall goal is to help establish Seattle as an international arts destination similar to cities like Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, London, São Paulo, New York and Miami which are well known for their street arts. We hope that you will offer your talent to our wonderful project.

More Details

Our 4 principle murals are funded by a generous award from the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, Neighborhood matching fund grant.

The following will be provided to the artists chosen:

  1. $3000 to the artist or artist group.
  2. All paint and supplies paid (you choose brand etc. see below for paint details).
  3. A lift truck or other equipment for elevated painting.
  4. A site assistant to ensure artist needs are met.
  5. Transportation and security of materials.
  6. A giant wall to paint on.


Artists will be compensated by The City of Seattle after mural completion.

Murals should be completed by your team without the need for painting assistance from Stunning Seattle.

Submissions will be reviewed for community acceptance, as well as property owner acceptance. Final selections will be judged by online voting.


The principle murals will be painted in the following locations:

  1. Shop Rite Drugs @ 426, 15th Ave E on the north facing wall
  2. Union Art Coop @ 1100 E Union St. on the north facing wall
  3. SJW Studios @ 1424, 10Th Ave on the south facing wall
  4. The Pike Building @ 1000 E Pike St on the east facing wall
Mural Site Address Estimated Measurement Estimated square footage
Shop Rite Drugs 426, 15th Ave E 65 wide by 30 tall 1950
Union Art Cooperative 1100 E Union St 125 wide by 80 tall 10000
SJW Studios 1424, 10th Ave 80 wide by 45 tall 3600
The Pike Building 1000 E Pike St 90 wide by 45 tall 4050


Our budget calls for up to three coats of bucket / brush paint and up to two coats of aerosol paint for each mural.

The formula we used to determine the amount of paint to budget is as follows:

Bucket Paint: Total Sq. Ft. divided by 320 sq. ft. (documented coverage rate per gallon) multiplied by 3 (coats of bucket paint).

Aerosol Paint: Total Sq. Ft. divided by 32 sq. ft. (documented coverage rate per can) multiplied by 2 (coats of aerosol paint).

This allows for the possibility multiple coats of both bucket and aerosol paint for each mural. Each artist or group will be provided up to $300 in supplies.

Even More Murals to Paint!

We have a bunch of additional properties which have pledged their great walls to Stunning Seattle. If you are an artist or artist group that would be interested in painting a wall at your own expense, please check here for more information.

Community Outreach

We are working hard to reach out to the community here in Seattle and nationwide in order to bring you the artist the best experience possible. We are seeking donations of accommodation and airfare as well as other food and hospitality. We will provide more information about artist perks as information becomes available. If you know of any corporation or community partner which would be interested in working with Stunning Seattle please send them to our Corporate Giving Page. Thanks!


Good Luck.

How to Submit

When you have read the information above, Click here for design templates and instructions!